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Everything you need to set up your Sales Simplify account up and running for success.

Profile Settings

Set up and customize your profile including Email Sync, Calendar Sync and Meeting Scheduler. Plus connect your business email and calendar.

Sales Workflow Automation

Master Automation module, including workflow, triggers, and conditions to automate all boring and mundane sales activities and tedious tasks.

AI Wizard

The AI Wizard helps you write email content that suits your needs, rephrase content to the desired tone, and summarize it to streamline content creation for better marketing results.

Campaign - SMS

Set up your SMS marketing with ease using campaign and reach your audience

Campaign - Email

Send your bulk emails with ease using robust technology

Sales CRM & Contact Management

Get help with all things in CRM, including easy management of leads, deals, people, companies, activities, and pipeline management.

Leadbot - Lead Generation Chatbot

Learn all things Leadbot, including setting it up and embedding it on your website, social media profiles, and even sharing on chats and emails.

Sales Enablement & Training

Customize sales enablement and training module with pre-recorded videos and add your training videos, sales material, and more to it.

Insights, Sales Goals & Forecasting

Set up and customize your sales insights and analytics dashboard, assign sales targets, and automate reporting as per your business requirements.

Admin Settings & Customization

Manage company-level account settings, including your branding, users, teams, currencies, custom fields, API keys, and Webhooks.


Get support with everything related to billing, including adding billing details, updating payment method, and downloading invoices.

FAQs & Quick Actions

Get answers to frequently asked questions related to Sales Simplify and explore quick actions and shortcuts to get things done faster.