SMS Campaign Templates

Create & customize SMS campaign templates as per your business needs.

You can create your own templates for SMS, which makes it easier to choose and send it. Here is a walkthrough of how to set up your templates. 

Step 1 - Click Templates > View Templates > Add Template. 

Step 2 - Enter the details in:-

  • Template Name - You can assign a name to your template

  • Tag - Assign tags to pick from your vast database. 

  • Visibility - You can choose to have your template private, team or public

  • Sender ID* - Select your sender ID assigned for the template. Click here to create a Sender ID. 

    • DLT Template ID - Your Template ID

    • DLT Entity ID - Your registered Entity ID

  • Message - Your SMS content can be pasted and add short link or variables

Step 3 - Click Save and your template will be saved. If you need to edit or delete you can click on the icons under Actions. 

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