SMS Campaign Settings

Manage Sender ID and SMS pricing for different countries to run successful SMS campaigns.

To manage your Sender ID in SMS Campaign and pricing for each country, you can head to the settings.

How to add Sender ID? 

Step 1 - Click Manage > “+ Add Sender ID “ 

Step 2 - Fill in the details 

  • Sender ID - Your unique sender ID

  • Route Name - Route Name is the type of connectivity which is assigned to your account. Ex. Global - You can send Messages all over the world but to get it activated contact support team or contact your Relationship Manager. One customer can have multiple routes. Ex Promotional, Transactional, OTP. 

  • Country Select - Choose your country designated for the sender ID

How to check pricing for a country? 

You can click pricing and search for the country you want to send a SMS campaign. 

  • Route name - The route name for each country

  • Country - The country for targeting 

  • Currency - Type of currency

  • Per SMS price - Cost per SMS

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