SMS Analytics

Track and analyze SMS campaign performance with autogenerated reports.

Analytics of data is important, with campaigns you would need to know how they are performing. Here is a walkthrough of the reports in the campaign module. 

Summary Report 

The summary report gives you a complete overview of the campaign performance. 

  • Date - The date of campaign delivery.

  • Sent - Number of SMS messages sent.

  • Delivered - Number of SMS messages delivered

  • Undelivered - Number of SMS messages undelivered

  • Total - Total number of SMS messages 

  • Cost - The cost incurred on the date. 

Filter:- You can filter your campaign report to suit your needs.

  • Type - The type of delivery, it can be Campaign or API request

  • Channel - The various channels of Campaign

  • Duration - The time period of the campaign delivery.


The logs contain the individual report of each contact that was part of a campaign. 

  • Sr. No. - Serial number of the reports

  • Route - Route on which the SMS campaign was sent.

  • Sender ID - The unique sender ID of the campaign and template

  • Phone - Phone number of the contact

  • Message - The message of an SMS campaign.

  • Sent Date - Date of campaign delivery

  • Delivered Date - Date when SMS campaign was delivered to the customer

  • Total SMS - Number of SMS delivered

  • Cost - Total cost of SMS delivered

  • Status - Status of each SMS

  • Remark - Any additional information.

Download Report

Download your reports quickly and based on duration and channel type.

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