Email Campaign Analytics

Get exclusive insights on email campaigns to track and analyze their performance.

Analytics of data is important, with campaigns you would need to know how they are performing. Here is a walkthrough of the reports in the campaign module. 

Summary Report 

The summary report gives you a complete overview of the campaign performance. 

  • Date - The date of campaign delivery.

  • Sent - Number of SMS messages sent.

  • Opened - Number of email opens

  • Clicked - Number of email clicks

  • Bounce - Number of email bounces

  • Complaint - Number of emails with complaints

  • Unsubscribed - Number of users unsubscribed

  • Failed - Number of emails failed 

  • Total - Total number of SMS messages 

  • Cost - The cost incurred on the date. 

Filter:- You can filter your campaign report to suit your needs.

  • Type - The type of delivery, it can be Campaign or API request

  • Channel - The various channels of Campaign

  • Duration - The time period of the campaign delivery.


The logs contain the individual report of each contact that was part of a campaign. 

  • Sr. No. - Serial number of the reports

  • Email - Emails of the contacts the campaign has been send

  • Sent Date - Date of campaign delivery

  • Delivered Date - Date when email was delivered to the recipient 

  • Status - Status of each SMS

Download Report

Download your reports quickly and based on duration and channel type.

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