Stay Out of Spam Folder

Guide to reach directly to prospect's inbox. Improve email deliverability and stay out of the spam folder.

Why are spam folders usually considered to be every email marketer’s worst nightmare? Is the first question that comes to one’s mind when it’s something related to email marketing. When emails are sent, one out of five of them are caught in a spam filter and are directed to the spam folder. Spam filters then check for certain red flags in the entire mail like usage of few words and phrases, links that get directed to bizarre websites, entire content in the mail in capital format with colourful fonts in varied sizes, broken HTML links and last but not the least emails without an unsubscribe button. So let’s throw some light in this article on a few of the words and phrases or some of the spam trigger words and few of the email deliverability tips to stay out of the spam folder.

How are spam trigger words defined?

Keywords or Phrases that email providers look upon as “red flags” are known as Spam trigger words. These kinds of words are often found in emails that are marked as “spam”. Spam filters usually catch hold of suspicious words and phrases that are associated in the mail like scams, gimmicks, free gifts, coupons, special discounts and schemes etc.

In recent years, spam filters have become much more advanced. If phrases like “Limited time” or “Get Started Now” are used in a responsible manner in your emails, spam filters don’t send your emails automatically to the spam folders. But in any case, if you’re stuffing too many spam keywords in your mail, with bright colour fonts in capital letters and lots of exclamation marks with a low delivery rate then there’s a high possibility of your mail landing in a trouble.

Keeping all of the above points in mind, below is the list of the things to be taken care of when it comes to spam words and phrases in your email marketing campaign. Let’s quickly go through each of them.

  • Words that make false, exaggerated claims and promises should be excluded.

  • Words that create unnecessary urgency and pressure needs to be avoided.

  • Shady, Spammy or words that sound unethical should be highly avoided.

  • Jargons that are termed as spam to be avoided in the emails.

So what do we do to improve our email deliverability and to finally land into the subscriber’s inbox? Here are a few strategies that would certainly help one to stay out of the spam folder and directly reach the subscriber's inbox. Let’s glance through each of them briefly.

Running a Concise Spam Check:

The Email content is thoroughly spam checked for that extra spamminess in the mail. When it comes to spam words, email content can be modulated. It doesn’t stop you from sending your mails, however, spam check only scans the content of the message that is been drafted. It has no idea about the reputation of your domain or the makeup of your list. Every email marketing campaign and automation mails that are created, a thorough spam checks need to be done. A wide array of tools that scans the content of your email message are available that gives you a list of issues which are triggered with at least one rule for “spamminess”.

Clearing Inactive Email Subscribers from Your Email List:

It is always advisable to clean and clear out the inactive list of your email subscribers. Now how does a good list help you in your email deliverability?

  • Your open rates will certainly reduce, if you have loads of unengaged email subscribers in your email list.

  • Your sender’s reputation will be effected through your open and engagement rates and also your email deliverability.

  • Your emails can be marked as spam if the email deliverability is pretty low.

Rules of CAN-SPAM Act Should Not Be Broken:

If any promotional email is being sent by a business entity to promote or sell their products and services, CAN-SPAM Act governs the commercial email. Some of the rules of CAN-SPAM act are as mentioned below.

  • False or misleading information should not be used in the mail.

  • An elusive subject line should be highly avoided.

  • Your location needs to be mentioned towards the end of the mail, to keep your subscribers well informed where you’re exactly located.

  • A simple way of opting out from your mails should be given to your subscribers so that they can opt out if they aren’t interested.

  • All the opt-outs should be honored quickly.

It’s vital for every business entity to follow the CAN-SPAM act rules. On not following the above mentioned rules, penalties would be heavily charged on per mail basis.

A Double Opt-in Process Should Be Considered:

It’s better to send emails only to those people who give their consent to receive your emails. So that no fake email ids are given by the subscribers, The double opt-in process usually requires new subscribers to verify their email address. A typical double opt-in process has a potential subscriber who visits the business website. In exchange for the subscriber’s email address, a form on the website offers a lead magnet. Thus after each new subscriber gives their email address, they immediately get an email confirmation. If they confirm their mail address, they get the lead magnet and thus they have officially gone through the entire double opt-in process. This entire process helps in reducing the bounce rate of the emails and thereby keeps your delivery rates high.

Creating Attractive, Engaging Emails:

Your sender’s reputation and email deliverability rate would be way better if more number of people open and get engaged with your mails. For creating attractive and engaging emails one need to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Write eye-catching, alluring subject lines that attracts the subscribers to open and read the mail.

  • Usage of dynamic content and segmentation gives your mails more personalized touch to the recipients. Using different styles of messaging to various set of recipients can get more number of people to engage with your mails.

Cold Email Marketing Needs to Be Done Smartly and Wisely:

Cold Email Marketing is the best option to promote one’s business, brand, products and services to someone with whom you don’t have an existing and healthy business relationship. No one sign-ups or subscribes to receive cold emails from you, hence you need to make sure your cold email marketing is

  • One-On-One

  • Personalized

  • Targeted to the right person

  • Relevant

Do Not Get Caught by the Email Spam Filters Again:

A spam filter can anytime snatch your email before it land’s in your subscriber’s inbox for varied reasons especially for using spam keywords and phrases in your mail. So here’s a short recap of the same.

  • Keywords that sound desperate, make extravagant claims and promises in the mail.

  • Manipulative keywords that create unnecessary urgency and pressure needs to be highly avoided.

  • Sleazy, cheap words that everybody tries to win should be excluded.

  • Words that give a shady, spammy look and unethical behavior in the mail to be avoided.

  • Legalese words or jargons should not be used.

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