Profile Settings & Customization

Modify your profile details, manage login security and password, track your account sessions, and customize your account with email and calendar sync.

The profile page helps you manage your account where you can modify the account details, track the login sessions, customize your account, and more.

Let’s dive deep to understand more about every option shown below.

Profile Setting Page -

Profile Overview: -

You can update account details except for Email and Company name.

& Password: -

If you want to update your Email address or Account Password, you can click on the button and input the change. You can enable 2 Factor-Authentication wherein you will receive an OTP verification each time you login.

Login Sessions: -

This page contains the data like from which place the user has logged in, the IP address, date, and time.

List of Companies: -

If you are part of multiple accounts in the platform you are able to see the list of connected accounts in here and can easily switch between them.

Email Sync: -

You can sync your email account to the Sales Simplify account thus helping you send emails and receive them in your Sales Simplify account as well. Click here to know more.

Calendar Sync: -

The email account you have chosen will have your calendar synced thus helping you keep track of your activities. Click here to know more.

Meeting Scheduler:-

Create scheduling pages so contacts can book meetings with you in just 2 steps.

Notification (COMING SOON): -

If you want to get notifications about the deals, organizations, people, and activities reminder you can simply check the option.

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