Fair Usage Policy

The Fair Usage Policy is designed to ensure that all users of our software have a positive experience and prevent any misuse or abuse of platform.

The Sales Simplify Fair Usage Policy aims to ensure a positive user experience for all users while using our software. The policy outlines guidelines for API usage limits and records storage to prevent misuse and abuse of the platform.

  • Daily API Fair Usage Limit: Our public API has a fair usage policy to ensure a positive user experience for all users. For all POST/PATCH endpoints, there is a daily limit of 10,000 requests per user per 24 hours. This daily limit will reset at midnight UTC. This limit applies to all users, regardless of plan or subscription level. More information here

    Please note that the API usage limit does not apply to importing contacts via CSV. This allows you to easily migrate your contacts to Sales Simplify without any restrictions. You can import 100000 records at one time.

    This limit also does not apply to sending emails and SMS, as we believe that our users should be able to send as many emails and SMS as they need for their business needs.

  • Soft Limit for Unlimited Records: Our platform offers unlimited records storage for our users, with a soft limit of 1,000,000 contacts. This limit is designed to ensure that our platform performs optimally for all users, and to prevent any misuse of the platform.

    If your team exceeds the 1,000,000 contact limit and you have more than 10 sales reps, please contact our support team to expand your limit. We believe that 1,000,000 contacts should be sufficient for most sales teams with less than 10 sales members. However, we understand that each business is unique and we are happy to discuss custom requirements and adjust our limits accordingly.

    We reserve the right to adjust our fair usage policy and limits based on user feedback, usage patterns, and other factors. We will communicate any changes to our users in a timely and transparent manner.

    We expect all users of our platform to adhere to this Fair Usage Policy and to use our platform in a responsible and ethical manner. Any violation of this policy may result in account suspension or termination.

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