AI Wizard as Custom Field

The AI Wizard feature enables automated prompts and responses in custom fields. This guide explains how to add an AI Wizard to custom fields, generate responses, and edit them. Enhance your data collection process and streamline workflows with this powerful tool.

Adding AI Wizard to the Custom Field Section

The AI Wizard feature in the custom field section allows you to enhance your sales process with automated prompts and responses. This guide will walk you through the steps to add an AI Wizard to a custom field.

Step 1: Go to your admin settings. Select the "Custom Field" option to proceed.

Step 2: Adding a Custom Field

1. In the custom field section, locate and click on the "Add Custom Field" button.

2. You will be presented with five options: Lead & People, Company, Product, Deal, and Marketing.

Note that the AI Wizard can be created for all fields except the Product field.

3. Choose the field where you want to incorporate the AI Wizard.

Step 3: Configuring the AI Wizard

1. Once you've selected the desired custom field, a form will appear for configuration.

2. Fill in the following details:

- Field Name: Enter a name for the custom field.

- Field Type: From the drop-down menu, select "AI Wizard."

- Write your Prompt: In this field, provide a prompt that explains what should be done in the custom field. You can use predefined variables and modify existing prompts provided by Sales Simplify to suit your requirements.

Step 4: Creating the Custom Field

1. After filling in the necessary details, click on the "Add Field" button to create the custom field.

2. You can also edit or delete the field at any time, if needed.

Using the AI Wizard Custom Field

Now that you have added the AI Wizard to the custom field, let's explore how to utilize it.

Step 1: Accessing Prospects and Selecting the Custom Field

1. Navigate to the "Prospects" section of your account.

2. Select the field where you have incorporated the AI Wizard.

Step 2: Configuring the Display

1. In the "Table View" option, locate the custom field you created and adjust its position according to your preference on the display.

Step 3: Generating AI Wizard Responses

1. Simply click on the "Generate" button associated with the AI Wizard field.

2. The AI Wizard will generate the desired outcome based on the configured prompt. Note that each response generation consumes one credit.

Step 4: Regenerating and Editing Responses

1. If needed, you can regenerate the response by clicking the "Regenerate" button located near the message.

2. Additionally, you can edit the generated text as per your requirements using the "Edit" button.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly incorporate AI Wizards into your custom fields, streamlining your data collection process and enhancing your productivity.

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