Salespeople must be well-versed in all aspects of the products, processes, or strategies that they are selling. You can now share it via videos using the Learn module. We have shared a few videos that are relevant to sales and marketing.

We currently support YouTube videos only, kindly follow the steps below to have all your videos in one place.

How to upload videos on YouTube?

Please refer to the link below to know how to upload your videos on YouTube. You can choose based on the device you will be using to upload videos and follow the simple steps.

YouTube Help Center -

How to set permissions for your videos?

In case you have sensitive data you can set permissions in YouTube.

Unlisted videos can be seen and shared by anyone with the link. Your unlisted videos won’t appear in the Videos tab of your channel homepage.

Please refer to the link to know the steps for setting permissions.

YouTube Help Center -

How to upload the YouTube video in Learn Module of Sales Simplify?

Step 1 - Click “ Company “ in the Learn Module.

Step 2 - Click the “ + Video “ button to add the video.

Step 3 - Fill in the details mentioned.

  1. Title - Title of the video

  2. Description - A brief description about the video.

  3. Author - The creator of the video.

  4. YouTube Embedded URL - The last alphanumeric id in the YouTube Url ( Please refer image)

    Copy the alphanumeric after ( = ) Symbol and paste it at the field.

  5. Category - Create & Choose categories for your videos.

  6. Share - Share it within your Company or Users

Step 4 - Click Save and your video will be shown in your library.

Category Settings

You can add more categories and assign the videos to them, when uploading it into the Sales Simplify platform.

  1. Add category - Write the category name and save your category.

  2. Category name - List of all your created or existing categories

  3. Video count - Total number of videos in the category.

  4. Actions -

    1. Edit - To edit the name of the category

    2. Delete - To delete the category. (If videos are present, category cannot be deleted.)

Filter - You can filter your videos based on Owned, Shared or All

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