Meeting Scheduler

Set up Meeting Scheduler with calendar integration and make scheduling meetings and booking calls faster and effortless.

Create scheduling pages so contacts can book meetings with you in just 2 steps. Don’t get stuck in a back-and-forth email chain trying to find a time that works for everyone to meet. With the Sales Simplify Scheduler tool, prospects can automatically book a meeting. 

Note: Meeting Scheduler is only available for Business & Enterprise Plan Users

How to create a scheduling page?

Step 1 - Go to Profile settings and click Meeting Scheduler, once in the scheduler, Click the “Create New scheduler” button. 

Note: Connect your calendar account to create the scheduler. To know more about syncing your calendar, Click here!

Step 2 - Enter your event information, 

  • Event Name - Name of the event 

  • Event Location - where the event is taking place

  • Event Duration - the duration of your event

Step 3 - Enter your availability

  • When can events be booked? - Based on your availability of your working days, time and time zone. 

  • How far in the future can events be booked? - how much further you want events to be booked. 

  • Customize your scheduler link - You can add your own customization to the scheduler link.

Step 4 - Your Meeting Scheduler is ready. On the event scheduler cards, you can 

  • Clone - Clone your event

  • Delete - Delete your event 

  • Copy link - Copy your link to be shared

  • View Page - View your scheduling page 

  • Embed - Embed your scheduling page on your website. 

  • Customize - Customize your scheduling page to your requirements. 

Customization in Scheduling page

Event info - Here you can change the event information.

  • Event Name - Name of the event 

  • Event Location - where the event is taking place

  • Event Duration - the duration of your event

  • Min. Booking Notice - How far in advance events must be scheduled

  • Min. Cancel Notice -  How far in advance events must be canceled via the booking page

  • Future Limit - How far in advance events are allowed to be scheduled

  • Buffer Time - A Buffer Time between your calendar events

  • Cancellation Policy - Ask guest(s) to provide a brief reason for cancellation

Calendars - Choose your calendar

  • Book meetings on - Select your calendar

  • Only schedule meetings when I'm available on - choose when meetings can be scheduled

Availability - set your availability 

  • When events can be booked? - Choose the days and time you are available for meetings.

Reminders - Set reminders so that you do not miss out on your appointments. 

Custom Fields - create custom fields to get more information while booking

  • What info should guests provide? - add a question and map it to the particular field.

Page Styles - Customize how your scheduling page should look. 

  • Company Name - Company name is shown on the page title

  • Company Logo - Add your company logo by upload or as image url. Size should be 300px X 150px

  • Custom Page Slug - Change your meeting scheduler URL to your preference.

  • Theme Color - The accent color on your page. 

  • Submit Button Label - The large text on the button.

  • Thank You Message - The text appears after booking is confirmed.

How does the customer book a meeting?

Step 1 - Share the link or if embedded onto your page, share it with them.

Step 2 - They can choose the date and time that is available to you. Once they select the time, they will be asked to confirm.

Step 3 - After confirmation, they will be asked their Name & Email which is default.

Step 4 - They will receive the thank you message and a confirmation of the booking to their email.

Step 5 - Once your customer/Prospect has done the booking it will appear on your calendar and activities page.

Scheduled Meeting on your Homepage

Scheduled Meeting on your Calendar

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