Email Sync - Gmail and Google Workspace

A quick walkthrough to whitelist Sales Simplify on your Google Admin Console for authenticating Google email and calendar.

How to setup Email Sync: -

Step 1 - We can Sync the email here Profile setting Dropdown->Profile setting->Email Sync.

Step 2 - Click on " Sign in with Google ", after which enter your email address and click continue.

Step 3 - After filling in your email and password, you will be redirected to as shown below. Don't be alarmed, you can click on advanced and click " Go to Sales Simplify ".

If you are a Google Workspace user & In case you are unable to do so, follow the mentioned steps below.

In order to utilize Sales Simplify 2-way synchronization feature, it is mandatory to whitelist the application from your Google Admin Console, as per the guidelines recently set by Google. Follow the steps below to authenticate Sales Simplify thus enabling you to sync your email. 

Step 1 - Go to The Google Workspace Admin of the organization needs to visit

Step 2 - Click “Add app” dropdown and choose “ OAuth App Name or Client ID “. 

Step 3 - Enter Sales Simplify’s Client ID - ( ) and click search. 

Step 4 - Sales Simplify App name will appear and you can select. 

Step 5 - Click the check box with the client ID mentioned and enter Select. 

Step 6 - You will need to select the App access, select “ Trusted: Can access all Google Services “

Step 7 - Now, After a few seconds try to sync the email, Once synced it will redirect you to the below page.

If you feel that you may have many open deals with the same email recipient in Sales Simplify, it may be more efficient to choose Link emails manually only, to prevent any confusion.

The email sync is a 2-way sync wherein, you can send/receive emails in the platform and your connected mail inbox. It allows you to track opens and click. All Emails will be recorded in the module it was send from, for example; If you have send it from the Leads, all your emails will show in the particular lead it was send from.

If the password of your email is changed, you will need to re-authenticate with Sales Simplify to access the Email function.
When re-authenticating your email, it should be with the same email as before or else previous emails will not be visible for security reasons.
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